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2011 -                  A new starting point to challenge tomorrow
Faced with the ever-accomplishing pattern of security service market, Shanghai Security Service Corporation has taken a careful consideration of the overall situation from a brand new starting point, fully prepared to meet the challenges to come in the future and further expand its services in the area on the basis of the integrated six major service sectors and one-stop service mode.
2005 – 2010        Keep going to surpass the past
Shanghai Security Service Corporation has comprehensively implemented its many-sided development strategy, having enjoyed an ever-increasing improvement in its comprehensive strength. During the Shanghai World Expo period in 2010, the Corporation displayed its brand image of security service in Shanghai as a security service supplier as recommended by the World Expo and a personal guard service supplier as designated by the World Expo, and has participated in and successfully fulfilled all the security tasks assigned for the World Expo.
2000 – 2004        Repeatedly honored for its remarkable achievements
Ever since the beginning of the new century, Shanghai Security Service Corporation has embarked on an all-round development program and has formed its preliminary security service framework that is high in sci-tech content, varied in operating categories, rational in business structure and impressive in service image; and that is demanded in terms of the development of Shanghai as an international metropolis.
1996 – 1999        Seeking innovation to bring about an overall advancement
Complying with the progress of socialization of security work in enterprises and public institutions and the trend of structural reform of the security system in the financial sector, Shanghai Security Service Corporation has invested in the formation of Shanghai Security Escorting Co., Ltd. to further expand its security services.
1990 – 1995        Sci-tech orienting business and guiding service
Since the 90s, security technological services have been initiated in Shanghai along with the growing expansion of the scale of the company, making possible the self-reliant research and development by the company of security products. In July 1993, the company was officially renamed as ‘Shanghai Security Service Corporation’.
1986 – 1989        Serving the society and advancing steadily
In the mid and later stages of 80s, with the support of Shanghai Security Service Corporation, more than 20 security service companies were formed one after another, which has given rise to a new situation in the security service work in Shanghai and a further advancement of the security sector of Shanghai as well.
1985               Rising sun in the east witnessing a fresh take-on
To adjust to the demand by the reform and opening-up drive as well as the economic and social development in Shanghai, Shanghai Security Service Company, with the approval by Shanghai Municipal People’s Government, was officially established in August 1985, ranking as one of the earliest professional security service companies. And Shanghai Museum became the first client of Shanghai Security Service Company.