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Shanghai Security Services Company (Labeled below: Shanghai Security, “Our Company” or “Us”) is providing such rules and regulations for all members of this website below:
Our Company regarding Privacy Policy
Our services are built upon cooperation and trust between our clients and us. In order to insure that all information provided to us through our clients are reserved, we utilize the following methods:
1.      All collected information including those that we deem are important on our part.
2.      We use all personal information only to better adjust to your safety needs and protection.
3.      After consent, we may choose to hand your information to necessary departments of our company.
4.      Unless under your consent, or required by law, or prior notification to you, we won’t handle over any of your information to a third party.
5.      Under certain circumstances, we may be required to share your information by the government, law offices or our regulation agency, but this is only possible after proper documentation or proof.
6.      We aim to safe keep all relevant materials documented through us regarding you.
7.      We have strict security measures to insure that no one can access your information including our employees.
8.      Regardless if its our companies departments, all employees or third party entities, once it is definite and assigned to handle your information, they must abide by the our strict secure means.
We stand by our notes above, we aspire to protect the trust you hand us.
We care for your safety and privacy.
This section will explain how we are a safe and secure website in that any personal information provided will be in safe hands.
Data Security
Safety comes first on our list. Our company aims to protect your data at all times making sure that it will not be leaked, disregarded or deleted. We use diverse methods such as electronic and managing means to protect your data, hence keeping our promise of your data’s safety.
Individual Data Collection
-          “cookies” usage
-          Your visitation to this website will be logged, in order to decipher if this visit was for consideration for hire or otherwise. Regarding your visits information comes through the usage of cookies. Cookies is an automatic memory logger that goes through your computer, such information can be traced by our company. If you wish to cancel cookies, you just need to adjust your settings.
-          Marketing
-          Sometimes we will gather visitors and marketing data(through internet, telephone or others to attain such information). We will only collect first hand information. We will use this information to contact them regarding what we believe to be suitable articles, services and other data. If you receive emails or marketing solicitations, you can opt out.
When we ask for personal information, we will tell you what it’s for, thus promising it will only be used as labeled.
Regarding Information Collection
Our company hereby explains the necessity of personal data collection and why, where it’s used and how.
a.       Why we need to collect data?
We use such data to better serve your needs and offer suitable suggestions. If such data cannot be disclosed, we may not be able to offer protection.
b.      In daily work efforts, we will collect client data and strengthen the cooperation, such as when the client writes a check or wire transfers.
c.       Data use
Clients’ data may be used as below:
i.        daily improvising of security protection;
iv. Designing services for individual client needs;
v. to broaden security services;
vii. according to the company contracts law decisions to disclose information;
viii. relevance to the above usage
d.      individual data disclosure
We will maintain client data hidden, but may provide such data to be used for needs labeled in (c):
i.                    any representative, manager, admin, electrician, technician, or other company members regarding the third party services;
ii.                  any secure members including our company’s other departments whom sworn to protect such data;
iii.                handing over a copy of payment receipt(might include collectors data) from payers bank;
iv.                debt collectors may hand over such data to certain divisions for debt collection usage;
v.                  our company or any branch bank has law regulations protecting all information disclosed;
vi.                Any actions or suggestions given by our company regarding the client or any entity involved.
e.       data search
Any individual rights:
i.                    search company logs for personal data and location of such data;
ii.                  require company to change any inaccurate logged information;
iii.                clear state whether or not our company has carefully logged such data or its whereabouts on individual data;
f.       our company reserves to right to charge a fee for such a search.
Contact Info
Any regards to data lookup and change, or whereabouts and questions, according to the labeled above;
30 Jian Guo Middle Rd.Shanghai, China200025
Shanghai Security Services Company
Important remark: Entering this website and any of its pages means you agree to follow by our regulations. Thank you for choosing Shanghai Security Services.